Easy Update's Easy Listening Lolume One

by Ian Hinck

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Music from the "hit" "internet television" show Easy Update! Click here to purchase a physical copy of the CD: kunaki.com/Sales.asp?PID=PX003XZWUS


released September 17, 2016

All tracks written and performed by Ian Hinck except as follows: Chocolate and Juice written by Ian Hinck and performed by Ian Hinck and Elyse Willems. Dino Crisis written and performed by Ian Hinck, Tamara Bruketta, and Justin Yngelmo.



all rights reserved


Ian Hinck Los Angeles, California

Ian Hinck wandered into this plane of existence in the fall of 1675 somewhere West of Spain and has been hanging around here ever since.

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Track Name: Shouldn't It Be Easy?
Shouldn't it be
To love each other
Shouldn't it be
To live life
Less hostilely.
Shouldn't it be
To not be a total piece of garbage all the time
Apparently it's not.
But we all work with what we've got.
We all try our best.
And make due with the rest.
On this show we respect women.
We love the gays.
We are cool about race.
We are great about gender.
We don't really care about politics or sports or religion all that much.
And if any of that pisses you off.
Then don't fucking watch.
Track Name: Hidden Objects May Be Closer Than They Appear
I don't understand sports games
they've never been for me
and oftentimes these shooters
I'm sure you'll disagree
leave me feeling jilted
like a broken divorcee
it's time to face the music
it's hidden object games for me
I have to find a locket for a kind old Maitre d
who's working at this resteraunt in 1943
he says it was his daughter's
gone these many years
it's getting hard to look for it
while I fight the tears
you see, it's not just about the objects
though they are a draw
you meet fascinating people
with absent mindedness as a flaw
and when you find an object
you find some of yourself
in a little baggie that someone mailed to you
Track Name: Point and Click
Point and Click
We're going on an adventure
we don't know where it leads
probably going to be confusing
and you know what that means
it's going to be a point and click adventure
A point and click adventure
Track Name: First Person Pacifist
I point my gun
to the sun
and three sixty no scope heaven
I have a zero fifty K/D
and my entire team
hates me
I'm a
first person pacifist
Track Name: Escape Room
Oh god...
I'm trapped in this room...
Oh god...
I'm trapped in this room...
My only way...
Out of this room...
I must escape...
I gotta get outta here...
I gotta escape this room...
I gotta get outta here...
I gotta escape my doom...
Turns out the door was not locked.
Track Name: Chocolate and Juice
I want some chocolate and a juice
I want to play Nintendo with you
I want to lay out under the stars
Talking Dark Souls (Sherlock) for hours and hours
I want the Netflix and I want the chill
I want to die well over the hill
I want some chocolate and a juice
I want to play Nintendo with you
Track Name: One Love
I only have one love...
Dark Souls
Track Name: All I Ask (Extended)
If I go down
before our victory
all I ask is that you avenge me (remember me)
Track Name: Find a Way
I've got to find a way find a way find a way to
chase these awful blues away
find a way to keep cool
guess I'll play a video game (video video game)
Track Name: Walking
la la la la la
la la la la la
At this pace I can stop to smell the flowers
At this pace I can while away the hours
(Walking simulator)
Track Name: Connect
Oh my precious love
I know you're trying the best that you can
Oh my precious love
You got me wondering when we'll hook up again
Oh my precious love
Don't worry we can try all night long
Oh my precious love
I won't give up on you til you are gone
We just gotta connect (x3)
2, 3, 4
We just gotta connect...
Track Name: Failure
Well you can't always win
nor should you
sometimes you just gotta lose
so put in more quarters and
hit continue
cuz when you don't win
you can just try again
but you often gotta pay to play
seems like that's just how life is
so when you feel down
then just look around
maybe there's some change on the wind
but what if you never win
and you don't want to try again
I guess that I would say

Think about trying a different way.
Track Name: Companion
I'm so glad that you can't die
cuz I don't know what I would do
without you
following me around
(wonderful companion)
Track Name: Dino Crisis
Dino Crisis.
Track Name: Highway Leading to a Foreign Space
Highway leading to a foreign space.
Track Name: The Ending
The moment
when you
that this thing
won't end
the way that you want it to
the moment
when you
open your eyes
and see
The Ending
will not satisfy
you must hold onto
the journey
sometimes that is all you have
the journey
the journey
not The Ending
not The Ending
not The Ending
not The Ending
not The Ending
not The Ending
not The Ending